The Influenza Shot or otherwise


The influenza shot is always a hot subject of conversation this time around of year. There is always such a feeling of panic and also fear that sends out people running to obtain their influenza shot. I’m always the “odd man out”, for I go running in the opposite direction. The toxic substances in the injections create side effects for some that are as negative as or even worse than the influenza such as muscular tissue aches, aching throat, high temperature, chills, congestion, sneezing as well as migraine. There are several undesirable components in the influenza vaccine that we do not listen to much regarding such as Triton X-100 (a detergent); Polysorbate 80 (a prospective carcinogen); formaldehyde (a known health hazard); Aluminum (linked to Alzheimer’s disease) as well as Thimerosal, (a mercury based preservative) which is being investigated for its web link to mind injury, memory loss, Alzheimer’s condition as well as autoimmune conditions.


Hugh Fundenberg, MD an immuno- geneticist and biologist with virtually 850 papers published in peer testimonial journals, has reported that if a person had 5 successive influenza shots between 1970 as well as 1980 (the years researched), his/her chances of obtaining Alzheimer’s Disease is 10 times more than if they had 1 or 2 flu shots due to the mercury content. Autism is likewise being connected to vaccinations as a result of the mercury. Numerous doctors of natural medicine think that as well as injections are “quick fixes” that subdue as well as or ruin our very own immunity leaving humankind as sitting ducks for brand-new pressures of microorganisms which alter faster than the vaccinations are produced. By the time one obtains the influenza shot, there will be freshly altered pressures that will certainly not be covered with the existing shot. It will certainly be covered in next years shot, however the exact same cycle will take place.

Whether one chooses the influenza shot or not, there are safe and effective ways to develop resistance as well as fend off the flu in addition to various other respiratory troubles. The apparent is to consume a healthy and balanced diet plan removing or considerably reducing; soda’s, fine-tuned flour, sugar and artificial sweeteners (consisting of sucralose), alcohol, caffeine and also tobacco. Exercise consistently, obtain ample sleep as well as beverage plenty of purified water. The Center of Illness Control mentions that dirty hands are the leading root cause of spreading out illness and also encourages that all grownups as well as youngsters wash their hands with soap and water often times throughout the day.

There are nutritional supplements that especially support the body immune system. There are preferred holistic flu treatments such as Oscillococcinum by Boiron that can be taken as a preventative; just a few pellets under the tongue 3 times a week. Silver water in the form of colloidal or ionized silver has actually been made use of for centuries and also has anti-viral, anti-fungal and also anti-bacterial residential or commercial properties. A teaspoon a day may be made use of as avoidance throughout flu season. My preferred brand name is Silver Biotics Focused oil of Mediterranean wild oregano has been proven to have anti-viral, anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal homes and might be taken in at 5-10 drops a couple of times a day with food. Elderberry is a prominent anti-viral natural herb that is in some cases traded as Sambucol. There are several effective immune enhancing solutions which have several vitamins, minerals, herbs and also homeopathics that target body immune system assistance. A few of these nutrients include; colostrum, goldenseal, echinacea, elderberry, zinc, astragalus, garlic, olive fallen leave, silver, vitamins A, B, C, E, and more.

Nourishing the body immune system resembles building a 2nd line of defense. It’s basic … If you are healthy … you will not get ill.

This Short article given by Mike Comeau, is for informational purposes just. It is not intended to identify, treat or treat any condition. Constantly consult your physician when looking for clinical advice.

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